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We can help with all stages of relocation to Poland

Relokey — open up new perspectives for yourself and your business

We started the company Relokey in 2019.

Since then, we have been helping people and businesses to relocate and settle in a new country.

Since starting
the business we have relocated







As well as

Becoming regular partners of the Poland Business Harbour program
Assembled a full range of relocation services in one place
Developed a personalised approach to the individual needs of our clients
Developed a unique 30-day support scheme for each employee

Our clients

We organise your relocation

in three steps





This is a very important and extensive stage, during which we will hold your hand through the whole process, from the initial idea of relocating to being ready to work in Poland in a company with a new office.

We will prepare the registration documents for setting up a company.

We will register your company.

We will open a bank account.

We will organise an accountant.

We will find a suitable office space and arrange the rental agreement.


At this stage, we will deal with all the issues of relocating you and your employees.

We will provide consultation on the possibility of obtaining a visa.

We will find comfortable rented accommodation for you.

We will arrange for a PESEL number, and open a bank account.

We will finalise employment contracts or register an individual entrepreneur.

We will help arrange for children to attend kindergarten or school.


For many, the adaptation process can also be a difficult task. Don't worry, we will be there for you.

We will have a dedicated help desk and help with any personal and household issues.

We will prepare the office space and set up the work processes.

We will deal with the further legalisation regarding your relocation.

We will advise on how to issue an invoice, how to pay taxes for the first time, etc.

We will organise language courses.

Who we work with


We will help with relocation, taking into account all your individual needs


Planning to move together with several colleagues? We will make it as easy as possible


Even if you have 200+ employees, we will prepare everything necessary to ensure that each of them is completely satisfied

Are you ready for a new
chapter in Poland?

Let's go!

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